Your activities team already pays for and uses one of a number of college-focused online Events aggregators – right? But have you looked at student usage?

The bottomline is that most students are aware of university resources, and may have even downloaded the university app, but engagement rates are typically very low. The reason for this is that students want to engage in conversations and on communications channels with each other – not with the university.

As a result, the most effective channel for reaching students is typically on the Social Media channels they already frequent – Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. The issue is that WHICH channel students use is constantly changing based on where their friends are, and where the content is that they want to consume.

Bump is an IDEAL channel for you to reach your students. It is ONLY for college students. It’s entirely event-based. It’s FREE for you to use. AND there is an easy-to-use web-portal for you to copy and paste your event details right into!

So, if you’re trying to maximize student reach – try us out!

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