Late nights. Extra-strong cups of coffee. Glazed over eyes. Finals week has arrived. Although this next week may not be the most relaxing one of the semester, this doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in between those study-sessions! In fact, finals week means the reappearance of a delicious and long standing tradition: Midnight Breakfast!

This Friday, take a break from studying and come indulge in donuts, chilaquiles, pancakes, and waffles! Midnight Breakfast is the perfect chance to load up on some great conversation, lots of extra whipped cream and strawberries, and take a deep breath before plunging into a weekend of studying. What’s even better is that all your favorite professors and faculty members will be the ones serving you that stack of pancakes with extra syrup on the side 😉

Interested in more yummy study breaks? Check Bump to find where all the snack bars, hot cocoa making, and ginger bread decorating will be throughout the weekend and into finals week. Although you might not be able to avoid the late nights and extra cups of coffee, Bump will make sure you have the sweet snacks you need to get through the week!

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