Drive Student Traffic:
Get students to your store / restaurant / bar / event

The ideal vehicle for reaching the College Market

Bump is an events-based mobile app exclusively for College Students. On Bump, students see What’s Bumpin around them right now, later this week, this weekend or even next week!

Create Events and place Time-Sensitive-Offers for local college students to see.


Through June 2016, you can have FREE access to posting your Events and time-sensitive offers on Bump.

You can use Bump to drive students to your Events at NO CHARGE. And you can see how many students view, share and attend your Events! Get Started

So… what kind of Events should you promote on Bump?

Bump is an ideal venue for you to post college-only promotions and events! Students who show interest in your location or even in the type of event you post will receive alerts just before and during your event!

Here’s what other sponsors are promoting:

Exclusive Discounts

You can offer a time-sensitive discount on food, retail items or even venue admission – just require that the student show your listing on the App at time-of-purchase!

Weekly Specials

You can set-up recurring events to make sure students are reminded of what’s coming up at your location!

Special Events

Have a visiting artist? Or a special event? Share it with all the students on Bump!

Take it with you. Check out the Whats Bumpin for Sponsors overview page





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This mobile app is exclusively for College Students and allows them to see what’s happening on and around campus right now, later this week, this weekend or even next week, so students never miss a thing.

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How do I know if Bump is doing anything for my business?

Built into Bump is a powerful analytics system that shows you for any event: How many users saw it in the Feed How many users click through to view the detail page How many users share your event How many users say they’re “in” How many users actually “attend” the... read more

What kind of Events should a Sponsor post to Bump?

The easiest place to start is with the events, discounts or offers you’re already promoting through other channels. This is easy, quick and painless to do with our online portal. Bump is also a great place to post special student-only promotions – really ANY kind of... read more

How does the Bump Sponsor Portal Work?

Step One: Apply for access Why do we make you apply for access? So we can control which third-parties, apart from students, are able to post content to the app. We want to make sure that all content is appropriate, non-abusive, and related to college-life. Step Two:... read more