I can’t create an account – help!

If you are not able to create an account it is probably because you do not have a valid .edu email for a university or college we recognize. For instance we do not have any of the community colleges in our database. If that’s the case, it’s easy to solve – just send us an email at  with a note and your .edu email – and we’ll add your school to the list!

Note: if you are based outside of the US, we do not currently support you. We do have plans to expand out side of the US in the Fall of 2015.

When I invite friends – how can I find them when they join?

If you invite friends with a .edu email address – they will have your invite waiting for them in the “hamburger” menu as soon as the register and launch the app. If you invite your friends without using their .edu email address  then you will have to find them through the friend search mechanism and invite them to be friends through the app.

Can strangers see where I am?

  1. In the app, only your friends can see when you have marked yourself as “in” or “maybe” at an event – or – if you are at a place or event right now.

But I see strangers in Event and Place detail pages…

YES. If you create a “public” event – everyone can see that you created the event. BUT – if someone clicks to see your profile, they can ONLY see limited information about you – like your picture, name, school and grad year. Only your friends can see your major, residence and interests.

You can also see strangers who post comments on an Event or Place – but again, can only see limited info about them.

Can I delete a friend / place / event?

You can absolutely refuse a friend invite OR unfriend someone at any time. You can ALSO delete any event or place that YOU created.

What’s the difference between a “public” and “private” event?

Public events and places can be seen, attended and commented on by anyone.

Private events and places can only be seen, attended and commented on by friends you invite. This is a GREAT way to organize private events for clubs, greek life, or even study groups!

Why do I only see some events and places in my “feed” and not others?

By default, What’s Bumpin organizes what you see based on crazy deep analysis of your preferences – which means the “feed” shows you what we think you’re interested in. Sometimes, we get that wrong – that’s why you can always search for a Place or Event OR use filters to see Places and Events by category, time, etc.

Why can I rate (thumbs up/down) places but not events?

We think that it’s valuable for you to know what your peers think of a cafe, bookstore, or club. But, how can you tell whether a event is going to be good or not before you go? And who cares whether it was good or not after you went?

Why can I only see Places and Events that are Bumpin right now, later or this weekend? Why can’t I see past Events and Places?

What’s Bumpin is all about you finding friends to connect with right now, and things to do later this week. We’re not worried about what’s happening in three weeks on a Tuesday. We’re also not the place to go to relive old stuff – that’s Facebook.

What’s Bumpin Street-Team Launch Contests

From time to time and without advance notice KWAD may support contests for the promotion of the What’sBumpin application. The rules for participation, contest entry, and instructions for how to win a prize are included below.

You must be a college student with a valid .edu email address and be in possession of a smart phone.

You must download and register for the What’s Bumpin application on either iOs or Android.

You must participate in the competition as specified on site. Competitions may include activities such as, but not limited to hula hooping for less then five minutes, blowing bubbles, tossing a water balloon and other like games.

The winner will be determined by objective measure of the individual or individuals who completed the activity according to the rules of the contest as specified at the contest start and who is objectively determined to be the winner by the organizing representatives for What’sBumpin. Such objective criteria may include, but is not limited to longest period of time hula-hooping, or greatest number of successful tosses.

In the event that you are physically incapable of performing the standard activity prescribed by the contest due to a disability that substantially interferes with normal life activities you may request an accommodation of activity. All reasonable requests for accommodation will be made on an as needed basis.

If you have any questions or concerns about contest or promotions offered by KWAD please email

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