Apple Pie. Apple Cider. Apple Turnover. Apple Crisp. Those are just a few of the dishes I’m going to be making this coming weekend. Where am I getting all the apples that I need? This Saturday, Macalester’s Program Board is funding a trip to Afton Apple Orchard!

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and there’s certainly no better way to take your mind off homework, than some crisp fall air, crisper apples, and an afternoon spent wandering through an orchard with friends! Even better – there are hay barrels and a corn maze to tromp through!

Even if you’re more of an apple-eater than an apple-picker, this outing places delicious apple possibilities right in your hands: there’s a store at the apple orchard where you can buy frozen apple pies, apple butter, apple cider, and apple honey! Regardless of how you enjoy apples – cooking them, picking them, or eating them – don’t miss out on this fun-filled trip!

Need information about where to sign up and where the buses leave from? Just check out Bump to find all the details of the trip! Happy picking!

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