About us

Bump – Events for College was born of a self-evident need:
College students crave information about What’s Bumpin around them – they want to connect to each other at real live events – not just through a screen. Historically they learned about events through word-of-mouth and campus flyers. Today they rely on private messaging (like Snapchat) and public forums (like Twitter). In either case, information is limited and today tends to limit rather then expand a student’s potential experience.

We know it’s not new ground
In the last few years more than two-dozen apps have sprung to life to address this problem – most started on a single campus by a student and never growing beyond. A few try to sell an events service to college administrators. Neither type sees much success – they are either too limited in their functionality, or not trusted or used because they come from administrators.

Bump is different. Better.
First, ONLY college students can view the app, make friends in the app and post events in the app. Second college organizations can post events to Bump for FREE through a sponsors-only web portal. Third, local retailers can post events to Bump also through the same portal. BUT, neither college orgs nor retailers can view the app OR see the events students post to the app. In addition, Bump uses a patent-pending personalization engine that uses temporal context, student attributes and behavior to present a events to students they are most likely to engage with – which no other college app possesses.

Not your traditional start-up
Bump is part of a business – not a start-up – KWAD. The team behind Bump is made of industry veterans, rock star data scientists, top-tier advisors AND of course college students. All of us working for free. To support development and marketing spend, we’ve raised funds through friends, family and angels.

Yes, like others, we seek to do good. We aim to make social media more social – to get people off their screens and talking to each other, in-person and face-to-face. I know, crazy, right!